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Are you over 40? Are you in the shape of your life? Do you feel fabulous every day and ready to leap out of bed and face whatever life throws you?

NO? Well – most of us over 40 would not describe ourselves like this either! Why? Because at 40 our bodies are changing – and not always for the best. We eat what we have always eaten but suddenly we find the kilos attaching themselves to our waists, our thighs or our bottoms. We like to sleep as much as we always did but somehow, between kids waking us up, or our partners starting to snore or just the general life stressors – we wake several times throughout the night (or even at exactly the same time every night) and greet the alarm with a groan every morning. And exercise? What’s that? Something for couples without kids? Something for the under 40s? Something for those with spare energy – and that is certainly not you is it?

But life over 40 does not have to be this bad. In fact – it can be one of the most rewarding times of our lives. Here at Fit and Fabulous At 40 Plus we aim to:

♥ INSPIRE you to believe you ARE fabulous
♥ EDUCATE you with food and exercise programmes
♥ NOURISH you with recipes, products and motivation
♥ Help you ACHIEVE a fit and fabulous body and mind.

Please get in contact with me, Liz, if you have a question, want to find out more about how to get FIT AND FABULOUS again, or if you simply have a comment to make about life over 40 years old.